We diligently care for our chickens from start to finish. They come to us as 1-day old chicks from our favorite hatchery, Myers Poultry Farm in Pennsylvania. The fragile, furry creatures spend the first few weeks of their lives in the comfort of our home-made brooder. There, the chicks are kept warm and dry, protected from chilly nights and lurking predators. 

Once the chicks are old enough, we set them out to pasture in large, mobile, open-bottomed coops surrounded by electric fencing. This intensive grazing system is mutually beneficial to the birds and the soil. 

 We raise "cornish cross" meat birds.  As livestock owners, we believe it is critical to provide our animals with a dignified, humane, safe, and swift departure. Therefore, all our chickens are slaughtered here, on the farm, by us. 

We use certified organic 100% GMO-free grain from Green Mountain Feeds. As always, we do not use any kind of hormones or antibiotics on our farm.

Chickens will be available from July through October directly off of our farm. 

For all inquiries please email us