Olivia Pettengill

Olivia has been running around the fields, woods and barns that are Wingate Farm ever since she was a little girl. Running around the farm remains one of her favorite activities.

Olivia grew up tending the vegetable gardens by the side of her mother, two grandmothers, and great grandmother. When she stumbled upon farming later in life, it was no surprise that she felt at home. 

In 2012, after working on various farming operations, learning about hay, vegetable and flower production, as well as small animal husbandry, Olivia moved back to Wingate. Much of Olivia’s passion for farming goes hand in hand with the desire to support her family and maintain the farm for the generations to come.

She is thrilled to be working with her farm partner, Susie, and loves nothing more than watching the chickens enjoy a stretch of lush green pasture.


Susie Parke-Sutherland

Susie grew up in the woods of central Missouri, wrestling her big brother, playing sports, and splashing in the creek behind her house. She migrated to the east coast to attend Smith College, and graduated in 2007 with a degree in psychology. 

During a summer spent in northern Vermont Susie realized there was a career that could combine her passion for animals, love of hard work in the sunshine, and wonderment at the complexity of dynamic living systems. She's been farming ever since. 

Susie is delighted to be digging in the dirt side by side with Olivia, and is reminded daily of her good fortune.